Core Values


God tells us that we need to help others. We are a witness to God's love and it's our job to share this love. We do this by worshiping together, discipleship, compassion ministries, and evangelism.


We are followers of Christ. We profess belief in Jesus as the Christ and follow His teachings. We believe that God offers grace and will forgive our sins if we let the Holy Spirit in our hearts. We belive in the Trinity.


We believe that God calls us to live a holy life. The Holy Spirit convicts, cleanses, fills, and empowers us. The Bible also informs us of how to live a holy life. The Spirit of God works within us to reproduce in us a character of holy love.

About the Nazarene Church

The Church of the Nazarene is the largest denomination in the classical Wesleyan-Holiness tradition. Nazarenes believe that God calls Christians to a life of holy living that is marked by an act of God, cleansing the heart from original sin and filling the individual with love for God and humankind. This experience is marked by entire consecration of the believer to do God's will and is followed by a life of seeking to serve God through service to others. Like salvation, entire sanctification is an act of God's grace, not of works. Our pursuant service to God is an act of love whereby we show our appreciation for the grace that has been extended to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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